How to book at the Baobab

If, after you have reviewed our information and (preferably) visited our buildings, wish to make a booking, please follow the process outlined below.

Firstly you need to confirm that space is available by contacting us via the details on the contact page. Once you have established that the required space is available, send us the following:

  1. A completed lease agreement (attached)
  2. A copy of your ID/ passport
  3. Proof of payment of your deposit (A standard deposit is equal to two month’s rent.  The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances should you change your mind about staying with us)
  4. A letter from whomever is responsible for payment of the rent, committing to pay on time for the duration of the lease agreement.

Registered Users

+27 21 447 4005
+27 82 818 4479
Office hours: 8h30 to 17h00

PLEASE NOTE: SMS/ WhatsApp/ Email ONLY after hours